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Smooth face Concrete Sleepers (Plain Colour)

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Smooth face Concrete Sleepers are the plain colour concrete sleepers made with 40mpa concrete reinforcement N12mm bar. It has a smooth face and comes in plain grey colour

Size Available
Smooth face (Plain) Grey Colour

1590x200x75mm: $30

1990x200x75mm: $35

2360x200x75mm: $42

Galvanised Steel Post

H post (Joiner Post): $36 per meter

C Post ( End Post): $30 per meter

Corner Post (90 Degree): $75 per meter

"Please ring us before visiting for stock availability" 

Fence Bracket for colour bond fence available.

"Special Discount on bulk purchase"

We also sale Agi Pipe and Geo Fabric. 

Smooth face Sleepers are also available in Charcoal Colour. 

We also sale steel post for 75mm and 50mm concrete and timber sleepers.  Find more at

Please ring to check stock before visiting our warehouse. We arrange delivery for sleepers using Crane Truck as well all over NSW.

Size Available

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