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Structural steels are a category of high-strength, durable, and versatile materials used in the construction of various load-bearing structures. These steels are designed to provide exceptional strength and stability, making them a crucial component in building bridges, buildings, towers, infrastructure, and more.

Structural steels play a fundamental role in the construction industry, enabling the creation of safe, durable, and efficient structures. With their exceptional properties and a variety of types available, these steels continue to be the material of choice for architects, engineers, and builders worldwide. Whether you're working on a small-scale project or a large industrial endeavor, the reliability and versatility of structural steels make them a top choice for any construction venture.

At Austrina Steel Supplies we have range of structural steels available. We do have Universal beams, Universal columns, lintels, T bars, Flat bar, Angle bar, Render bar. 

Austrina's Structural Steels

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