Why Austrina Steels for Concrete sleepers

Why Austrina Steels for Concrete sleepers

The best way for sustaining steel works and dispersing dynamic forces onto ballast and formation, concrete sleepers are the most common component in contemporary turnout systems due to their low cost, excellent durability, ease of construction, and maintenance requirements.

What are Concrete Sleepers

Even with various tiers or levels, concrete sleepers serve as a retaining wall to prevent soil erosion and give a simple yet effective technique to enhance depth. Concrete sleepers come in a wide variety of forms and shapes, making them incredibly versatile and useful landscape additions that require very little upkeep. If you're looking for a long-term replacement for wooden sleepers, concrete sleepers can be the ideal choice of replacement. Concrete sleepers are a practical, affordable, and simple install option. For exploring more about the concrete sleepers their uses, types, cost details and why choosing them is the best pick for you over any other material please check out the blog below

 How Concrete Sleepers are used

Well, a retaining wall made of concrete sleepers offers a dependable and durable technique to divide your space into different levels. They are generally used for the supports and brackets as they guarantee a sturdy, robust finish, with a correct installation that can last for decades. Similarly, sleepers are also a great decorative option to add depth and layers to outdoor spaces while also serving as a strong reinforcement to avoid subsidence. Likewise, concrete sleepers can be used as a foundation to build the numerous levels you want to add interest to flowerbeds and outdoor areas.

Types of Concrete Sleepers used in Sydney

To meet the consumer’s specific demands for concrete sleepers, there is a wide variety of patterns and forms of concrete sleepers available. A concrete sleeper retaining wall generally includes matching concrete sleeper stairs, making it simple and quick to add a new layer to your landscape without having to go out and buy additional equipment or accessories.

Additionally, you may get all caps, cladding, edges, and other accessories to give your concrete sleeper its final appearance. Concrete is one of the most adaptable materials available if you're looking for a sleeper that fits flawlessly into your current necessity. It's simple to combine and match the best solution for a particular space layout due to its alternatives for edging, caps, and cladding that go with a variety of styles and patterns.

Retaining walls can feel less like a necessary safety component and more like a natural part of the landscape by using a variety of neutral colors that can enhance the aesthetics of outdoor areas with flowerbeds and other amenities.

Difference between concrete sleepers and other materials

The materials and finishes for sleepers come in a broad variety. They are fireproof, do not rot like wooden sleepers, add more stability to the track even during temperature changes, and are more resistant to fire than wooden sleepers. Compared to wooden sleepers, they even last longer and require less maintenance, which lowers ongoing costs and reduces the need for track closures. Concrete sleepers are also more environmentally friendly because they are not covered in creosote like most wooden sleepers. Likewise, Concrete sleepers often cost less than stone sleepers, offering you the adaptability of stone without the additional expense. On the other hand, your space might have a diverse appearance due to materials like wood and bamboo. These more natural sleepers could be more economical, but they require more maintenance and care. Without proper care, wood is easily vulnerable to ants, termites, and weather-related warping. Thus, the ideal sleepers are made of concrete. They are an excellent option for users because they are affordable and incredibly stable.

Where to buy concrete sleepers in Sydney

The greatest place to start when looking for concrete sleepers in Sydney is Austrina Steels. At Austrina Steels, we are able to match you with the best concrete sleeper for your needs. Our knowledge of a variety of retaining wall alternatives will make it easy for your to communicate your needs quickly. Our pavers perfectly complement our selection of retaining walls, enabling you to design a finished landscaping scheme in one location.

Concrete sleepers cost in Sydney

The table below represents the cost of concrete sleepers in Sydney

Concrete Sleeper Types


Smooth Bevelled Edge 

AUD 30 –  AUD 80

Block-Face / Rock Finish 

AUD 40 – AUD 49 

Stackstone Rockface 

AUD 40 – AUD 53

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